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Effective Legal Representation
for the Following Matters:

Domestic Violence Protection Orders and Sexual Assault Protection Orders: Each of these Orders has a particular purpose and must be used in the proper manner in the appropriate court. Knowing the difference will save you time and effort during a difficult time.

Dissolution (Divorce) and Legal Separation: Learn why and when one action is preferrable for your circumstances.

Establishing Parentage (Paternity): Has paternity been established for your child with a partner that you have never married? Does that child have a Parenting Plan stating the residential time spent with both parents? Has child support been determined? Is child support being paid?

Parenting Plans: The development of a well-defined and clearly-worded Parenting Plan can prevent needless litigation in the future.

Third-Party/Non-Parent Custody: Are you caring for a child who is not biologically your own, where both parents are not in custody of the child? There are many things you need to understand about this action and the standard of unfitness that must be demonstrated.

Relocation:  Know the law before you move your children and avoid the potential compromise of your residential rights.

Interstate Jurisdiction and Custody Disputes:  What should be done when you have a dispute with a parenting/custodial determination from another state?

Child Support: How is support determined? What happens if support is not paid? When is a child eligible for support during college?

Spousal Maintenance: Are you in need of spousal support? How long can you receive maintenance? How do you request it? What if you want to return to school or be trained for employment?

Administrative/Systems Advocacy: Do you have questions about the administrative process you are involved in? Are you experiencing difficulties in being heard at the administrative level?

Related Legal Matters: Have you been injured by an act of Domestic Violence or Sexual Assault? Have you lost employment due to a related Domestic Violence or Sexual Assault matter? Have organizations and agencies charged with protecting you or your children failed to address your concerns in a meaningful manner?